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Donkey Kong Country Returns 100% run is go!

I started my 100% run of DKCR. I decided to try one stage of every level at a time to avoid having all the factory and volcano levels at the end of the run. In fact, I might do the same thing I did when I 100%ed Mario Galaxy 2. I could just try to complete the later levels first meaning the run would become easier as  go instead of the contrary (But in MG2 no matter what you did, the God damned Perfect Run was always the last star).

Some of the "jiggies" are very well hidden but if you have enough patience and just try everything at your disposal you'll find them. Patience is the key.

I also tried the Virtual Console version of Majora's Mask I bought on Christmas, which I didn't try before for some reason. I love the N64's emulator on the Wii. I have my console plugged with a component cable on a Sony Bravia HDTV and the N64 games looks very good on it. Of course they show age but they have AA and the framerate looks very smooth on the two games I bought (Wave Race and Majora's Mask).

I saw a couple of demo videos for OoT 3DS and the game looks amazing on the console, I want to do a run of some Zelda games before obtaining that thing. I might do Majora along with Twilight Princess.

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