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I said GT5 was not that bad when I got it in christmas but the truth is that every time I put it in my PS3 I get really pissed at it. B-Spec is probably the most retarded mode ever created for a racing game. You're supposed to created an AI driver and give him orders and advice during a race you'll WATCH. The problem is that I don't think anyone wants to do that. We buy racing games to drive the actual vehicles so I don't see the point or the fun in this B-spec shit. Another problem is that several of the A-spec events I'm supposed to be able to play have really strict car restrictions, example there's one event asking me to race with a japanese car from 1979 or earlier. No problem. But when I go to the dealerships and the used car shop, there are no cars to be found with those specifications so how the hell am I supposed to play if the dealerships are not offering me the cars I need¿

I asked a friend about it and he says the game kind of forces you to play the events in different orders, jumping from one difficulty to another and getting the cars you need as gifts every time you level up. But to be honest I'm not really fond of that, I like to play the events in order. If I'm just a begginer then let me play all my begginer events and don't force me to go to higher difficulties only to get my ass kicked because I don't have the skills and the cars required to get good results.

Also, the game is just too boring, there's no sense of speed and the music makes me sleepy instead of making the game fun. I spent the entire weekend playing F1 2010 and both Wave Race games and seriously, when I pick them up I don't want to put the controller down, the same happened with Forza 3 and both DiRT games. Gran Turismo 5 has a lot of potential but it failed at the most important thing in a videogame, it's no fun to play it. It's probably the most boring game I've played this gen.

I decided to restart my career at F1 2010. I'm currently in race 5: Catalunya. The track is amazing and since I play at 30% I'm gonna have to race 20 laps on it. I spent an hour on a practice session trying different car set-ups to see which ones work better for me and I also memorized the entire track to avoid problems in pole position and the actual race. I don't expect an excellent result since I'm driving for Lotus which is a really weak team, but if I finish the race at 10th or better I'm gonna be happy, I want to keep getting points to beat my teammate (Jarno Trulli) and get an offer for a better team. I don't think I'll get called by Ferrari or McLaren but something like Renault or Williams would be really awesome. I'm most likely gonna race this wednesday.

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