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Final Fantasy XIII-2 announcement

A few days ago several of the gaming websites I visit and follow on twitter had this new about Square-Enix trademarking the website or something like that. I thought it could be possible for the company to actually release a direct sequel to a FF game again. When I woke up today, the first thing I saw on my timeline was that SE actually went and announce FFXIII-2. I turned on my laptop and watched the european official website (which has zero content) and a leaked trailer in youtube. The trailer actually looks very cool. It shows Lightning wearing some kind of armor like the one Sophitia wears in Soul Calibur, the music is VERY GOOD and it ends with a guy/girl appearing behind Lightning and both of them starting a fight.

To be honest, I'm pretty excited now about this because I'm one of the very few who actually enjoyed FFXIII a lot. Though I truly believe the game is a bit too linear even on the development of the character's skills. The game is simply great in almost every aspect. I wrote a review for it a few months ago and will upload it here in the blog once I finish this entry.

It pisses me off a little when people bash FF13 for being "too linear" (which it is) because FFX was just as linear and I really don't remember anyone bitching about it back then. Really, in FFX you do exactly the same things. Walk in a straight line, shop for items, fight random encounters and bosses and watch a really cool story. But with FFX no one bitched about the linearity of the game. So for me, FF13 getting all that hate is a bit unfair. It's probably because people were really expecting it to be the next FFVII after waiting for five years for it to be released.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited now about this new entry to the FF series and will keep a close eye on every info out there about it. The game is gonna be released this winter for the PS3 and Xbox 360 but I'm pretty sure I'll buy it for the PS3. Also, a new trailer for Versus was released today as well, gameplay was FINALLY shown and it looks like it's gonna be played like Kingdom Hearts. Which surprisingly from me, looks good. Now that I think about it I don't know anything about a release date for it but I'm sure this one is exclusive for the PS3 so I'll end up with all three FFXIIIs on the same console (and all of them will get platinums of course).

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  1. Actually, I won't be able to get my FFXIII review on the blog. At least not today because I wrote it in spanish and I'm gonna keep everything here in english. I'll see if I translate it one of these days and get it up here.