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When I was hunting platinum trophies down like crazy I bought a collector's edition guide fro Final Fantasy XIII which came extremely handy to get everything in the game. After seeing the great quality of it I decided to buy the FFVII and FFX-2 ones and I fell in love. These things are actually really cool additions to a gamer's collection and the only ones I had were the Prima guide for DOA4, The official Nintendo Power guide for Majora's Mask and an Ocarina of Time one from a mexican gaming magazine I used to buy when I was a teenager.

With the three Final Fantasy guides I have six. So, this past saturday while I was playing Donkey Kong Country Returns trying to get puzzle pieces I was having a hard time finding some and I thought it'd be cool if I had the guide for it. So I went to Amazon and started browsing several ones (besides the DKCR one) and I ended up making an order for DKCR, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Other M and Epic Yarn. Four guides for a lot of games I want to 100% (even if it doesn't get me a platinum trophy or achievement points)

I might also buy guides for Muramasa, Twilight Princess (which I want to 100%), Final Fantasy X, Halo Reach and Fallout 3 GOTY edition. I need to administer that money because the fact that those guides are cheap makes me want to get a lot of them at the same time and I can find myself spending a lot on a single order.

I will post pictures of the guides I already have and once the new ones get here they will get photographed as well.

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