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My gaming activities this weekend were really productive and amazingly fun. I promised I would try and start using all my consoles because it's just the fair and logical thing to do after investing so much money and time on them. So I went back on Enslaved: Journey to the West and finished it's story. As I already said several times, the game is really good. I'm gonna write a review for it most likely tomorrow (along with F1 2010's). I feel like the game needed more combat and less walking and climbing. But the fact that it feels like they're telling you the story behind the original Dragon Ball again looks excellent. I could recognize all the characters with their cameos in Dragon Ball. I totally recommend this game which is gonna go under the table as an underrated gem. but anyway, it's a great game specially for the environments and storytelling. I liked it more than Bayonetta which I played last january and was completely dissapointed by it. Now I'll go and unlock all the remaining trophies and finish it for a second time in hard difficulty. 

 I also started Pokemon Platinum which I've been wanting to do for almost a year since I bought it. Looks just like SoulSilver which is logical but really good. Even though I've got a cool bunch of pokemon from SS I could transfer to Platinum, I'm gonna try and complete until the 1st Elite Four run with the pokemon from that region because I'm not used to them. I started the adventure with Turtwig, which I named "Yggdrasil" and I caught a Starly who will replace the Pidgey everyone catches in the old versions. I don't wanna get obsessed with the game like I did with SoulSilver but I'm gonna play it little by little and enjoy it's features, it's a good thing most of my friends from the forums I visit also like pokemon so I can battle and trade with them using the DS's wi-fi conection.

Last night I went to a friend's home and played DKCR and Kirby's Epic Yarn on co-op for a while, both are excellent with a friend and we had great fun dying a lot in Donkey Kong and admiring the art style in the Kirby game. We talked a lot about the 3DS, PSP2, the games we're expecting this 2011 and made fun of PC gaming which I don't usually enjoy very much. Tomorrow I'm gonna get back into Dissidia and F1 2010. I still have to play the pole-position in Catalunya. So many games to play, I need to get this organized.

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