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Gran Turismo 5 is actually pretty good

I finally started Gran Turismo 5 after the stupid update and install it requires to function properly and to be quite honest, the game is pretty cool. It let me customize several things at first such as my driver's outfit and the way my home is gonna look like to online visitors. I started the game with only 20000 credits (the game's money) and when I visited several of my favorite dealerships such as Toyota, Citroen and Peugeot I couldn't afford any of the cars becuase of both the money and the driver level required to purchase them. So I had to go to the used car store and after looking at some not-so-good-looking cars I finally decided to buy an Eclipse.

After that I just went and tried several of the A-spec events on Begginer difficulty and got a hang of what the game has to offer. The gameplay feels much slower than other titles like DiRT, GRID or Forza but it's still good. It seriously looks like the game requires skill. After gaining several levels I got invited to play the NASCAR tutorials and a couple of Karting races which were pretty amazing though a bit short. Right now I'm kinda stuck on one of the NASCAR tutorials where I have to overtake 4 cars in half a lap to learn how to use the air passing thing every racing game usually offers.

Besides GT5 I think I'm gonna spend the rest of the day playing Halo Reach and DOA4 in a friend's house who just got an HDTV (finally man...) I've been wanting to have some firefight matches for a few days with them. I think I'm finally gonna abandon using the Plasma Rifle because I think it's much more useful to start with both DMR and Needle Rifle in Reach's firefight mode. Gonna test that tonight.

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