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Halo Reach's Campaign on Legendary

Today was great. I got to play a little Uncharted 2 in the afternoon after I woke up REALLY late and almost got to the part where I reach Shambala. I had to stop playing it against my will because a friend came over and he's also playing it but he's just in the part where you crash the helicopter on the train so I didn't want him to see any spoilers so I showed him a little of Sports Champions and he loved it, he also played LBP2's demo and after looking at it for the second time I finally decided to buy it on launch.

We tried the EyePet demo and though it works pretty cool and it's really innovative. The game is just not for a gamer like me, I would just get bored of it pretty quickly and stop playing it after 2 or 3 days. After that we went to the local Hard Rock Cafe and had some dinner with a cool group of friends where we talked about really funny shit like Call of Duty and music tastes. Then we returned home and decided to start the Halo Reach campaign on Legendary to get the achievements, and though its really fucking hard. We're getting the hang of it. We got to the mission that starts with a crashed Warthog with the spartan girl and got tired. The elites and sniper jackals give us the most trouble but since my friend is a really good Halo player and I'm "not bad". We're actually doing a good job in my opinion.

Tomorrow we're probably gonna continue it because he's not gonna work and I'm gonna try to advance a little more in Uncharted 2. Probably finish it so I can begin my treasure hunt run of the game. Also, I wanna play more of F1 2010, FIFA 11 and Gran Turismo 5... so many shit to play... Thank God.

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