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Mario Kart 64 didn't age very well

I have this cool group of friends at collegue who plug a N64 in one stand that sells candy and drinks. The place has a couple of TVs where people normally sit and watch football games and shit, we took one of the tvs for ourselves and have been using it for gaming in our free hours ever since. We mostly play Smash Bros on it but lately we've been engaging Mario Kart 64 and today we played a little GoldenEye.

The case of MK64 is quite funny because I remember it as a great racing game but to be honest it's not very good. It's probably because I'm just way too used to today's standards when it comes to racing games but I normally never care about old games not aging very well. The game doesn't really work well IMO, the sprites, gameplay, item selection and tracks are a little bad. Now that I remember most of my friends who play and know about Mario Kart usually say 64 is the worst in the entire series (worse than the SNES one).

Changing topics, I'm like totally addicted to a remix I found of the song "Fear Factory" from Donkey Kong Country. It's posted below so everyone can listen to it. I recommend downloading the mp3 version the creator gives in his youtube profile. Sounds much better than the video version because of youtube's audio compression.

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