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New Kirby game, PSP 2 hype and DKC2

It's friday night again and like the last four or five fridays I stayed home.The last two days weren't very productive for gaming I must say, that's why I haven't posted anything important. I just don't feel like playing Enslaved and F1 2010 right now. I'm like really glued to my Wii which feels extremely weird given all the crap I've talked about that console. I played a lot of DKC2 today on it. It's definitely one of the best (if not THE best) 2D platformers ever created. I don't want to keep advancing on DKCR until the guide gets here because I want to use it in case I start getting lost when hunting the puzzle pieces down.

Yesterday I bought a used God of War Collection from a college friend and I tried it today. The remastered versions of the PS2 action games look very good on the PS3. I'm glad I got the games because I actually never bought any of the chapters in the trilogy before, which is weird given that I actually collect videogames.

I don't know why but in just a day my gaming habits changed drastically. Less than a month ago I was hunting trophies down like crazy on my PS3 but once I got the one in TRU I just gave up and decided to start using all my consoles. But instead I completely switched to the Wii to play everything on it including the titles from the Virtual Console. Now I look at my 360, DS and PSP and I feel bad for them because they're kind of abandoned and they should not be because I've got tons of great games for them. I'm planning to start playing a little of each console everyday, even if it's just 30-40 minutes because I want to enjoy my consoles.

In other news, I've been reading a lot about the NGP (retarded name so I'll just call it PSP 2 from now on) and like I already mentioned in the post about it, the console will have tons of cool features including 3G conectivity, touch screen and two sticks for FPS games. It looks really cool but I think the price will get to 350 dollars. I hope it doesn't get more expensive because then I won't be able to get it at launch. I watched a demo video of the Uncharted game and it looks pretty good but the fact that it's not being developed by Naughy Dog keeps my interest away.

Also, today I saw a cool trailer for a new Kirby game for the Wii. It looks freaking amazing. The game will get back to the commons style with Kirby sucking up enemies to get their powers on 2D platforming levels. The music, enemies, environments and characters look really amazing. I can't wait to get more info on it. Of course, every new bit of info on this game will get posted here. I took the oportunity to watch gameplay videos of Kirby 64 which I never played for some reason and I looks very good and now I want to buy it for the Virtual Console. I need to make plans about that.

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