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Platinum trophies will ruin my gaming experience

As every gamer nowdays knows, the PS3 offers this great feature similar to the Xbox 360's achievements, but unlike the 360, every PS3 retail game offers a final challenge: getting the platinum trophy. We get the platinum when we unlock all the other trophies in a game and you can show that to pretty much everyone in the world of the PlayStation Network. In my personal and humble opinion, getting trophies is more rewarding than getting achievements because even if you get MOST of the trophies in a game, if you don't get them all, you will never unlock the platinum one. While in the 360, every game offers a around 1000 points worth of achievements but since they stack up, you can create a huge gamescore by getting 500-600 points in several games and not actually getting all achievements in said game.

In my personal case, I currently own seven platinum trophies: Ratchet & Clank ACIT, DiRT 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2 and Sly 1 & 2. I'm currently working on Tomb Raider Underworld as my platinum number eight and it's curious because I already played this game on the 360 and got around 950 gamerpoints on it. I didn't get all 1000 because one achievement required me to go and find all 179 treasures in the game which I was not gonna do for a mere 50 gamerpoints. BUT, on the PS3 I want the platinum so I'm forzed to hunt down the god damned 179 treasures in the game. There are several cases of games I LOVE on the 360 but I didn't get all their 1000 points, example: in DIRT 1 I have 975 points, in Forza 3 around 800 just like Banjo Nuts & Bolts, I have around 600 points in Dead or Alive 4 which is my favorite 360 game. The 360 lacks the motivation to get the hard achievements because you can simply get the same ammount of points by getting another new game.

Now, I have several friends who are trophy whores, one of them has 51 platinum and the other two around 25 each. While I'd like to race them to see who gets more platinum trophies by the end of the generation I have to take a vital aspect into consideration: those friend ONLY OWN THE PS3, while I fortunately own every other console including the portable ones and I've got a good bunch of amazing games for each one of them. I really don't want to forget that I have those amazing titles on the Wii, 360, PSP and DS just for doing something quite silly as hunting platinum trophies, of course I'll keep doing it. Enslaved (which is amazing) and other games are on my to-do list but I'm pretty sure I'd rather just play the games and enjoy the true aspects that have to be enjoyed about them. Like graphics, gameplay, musics, enviroments and storylines and play silly games just to hunt down stupid trophies.

Seriously, I'm gonna get TRU and Enslaved because I already started them but from now on, it's just enjoying the actual games.

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