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PSP2 Revealed!

After all the rumors and talk about Sony's answer to the 3DS. They finally announced the PSP2. It's quite different from all the pictures we've been seeing about it. From what I read from Kotaku, the console will be available this holiday but we don't know anything about a price yet. Several Sony franchises are gonna make it into the thing including Uncharted (YES!), Resistance, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Wipeout and others. It's gonna have a high-def screen a little bigger than the PSP1's and it's gonna include cameras on both side, sixaxis and touching sensitive controls. The thing looks really cool, I can't wait to see some demos in action.

I suppose all the important news tomorrow will be about this so I'll definitely keep a close eye on everything and post it here.What makes me happy is that all the great Sony games are already announced for it so unlike the original one, the PSP2 is garanteed to have a great launch lineup. Knowing me I'm most likely gonna choose Uncharted and LBP as my first two games for it.

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