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Tomb Raider Underworld for the PS3 sucks

I played TRU on the 360 when it first came out like 2 years ago and to be quite honest, I liked the game a LOT, I even made me buy Legend and Anniversary which I also enjoyed. Now I bought Underworld again for the PS3 with the intention of platinuming it and god the PS3 version is horrible. It looks good graphically but it's totally filled with bugs and glitches everywhere. Enemies stay floating in the air when they're killed, Lara sometimes can't make jumps even when I'm sure I made the right button imputs and she sometimes stays frozen when walking over a stone or something like that. I'm currently at the beggining of the snow level. Once I get it's platinum I'm selling it.

I also played a little Uncharted 2 but today was not very good, I ended up negative in all matches except for 2 and the only Coop one I played was not very fun because of the map and my teammates. I was THISCLOSE to buying ModNation Racers today but I fought my game-buying instincts and won. I promised I would not buy any more games till the 3DS and LBP2 and I will fulfill the promise.

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