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Uncharted 2 almost ready for platinum

I never thought I would be able to do it in just one day but I emerged victorious. I got all treasures in the game by using an amazing video guide available in It took me almost an entire playthrough of the game and it was long. But I had a lot of fun doing it. I also took the opportunity to unlock the combat trophies I missed in my first two playthroughs of the game. The hardest one was killing 10 enemies in a row with a punch after damaging them with gunfire. I managed to do it in the Borneo chapter. Now the only trophy I'm missing for the platinum is the Crushing difficulty one which I'm gonna start tomorrow and try to finish it either on thrusday or friday.

I also played it's multiplayer mode for the first time and I liked it a lot. Specially the co-op mode. I had the most fun in one of Uncharted 1's maps playing with another two guys who were pretty good. Then I tried a competitive match against several high-leveled players and I actually did good. I think my favorite weapon is the FAL and the M4, I need to play it more.

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