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Uncharted 2 second run is done

My second run of Uncharted 2 is over. I finished it on hard to get the storyline fresh again and took the opportunity to unlock several of the combat trophies I missed on the first run a year ago. Now I'm missing about 3-4 combat trophies and the treasure ones which I'll have to unlock via a "Chapter Select Run" with an online guide from

I used the check my dad gave me in Christmas and bought my girlfriend's presents plus three new games for myself. I got Enslaved (which I've been wanting for a while), Tomb Raider Underworld and MAG. My local store has this deal where if you buy 2 games of the same platform they give you a third one as a gift. I wanted to take advantage of the deal with Enslaved plus a cheap game but the cheapest one was Dark Void which according to the online reviews, it's pretty shitty so I thought it'd be better to just get Tomb Raider for the PS3 and unlock its trophies since I loved that game on the Xbox 360. Now that I have the same game twice I think I'll end up selling the 360 version. Need to make a graphics comparison and sell the worst one. So I paid for Enslaved and Tomb Raider and got MAG for free which I believe I'll never play to be honest. But it's still a cool addition to my collection.

Enslaved is simply amazing. Much better than I expected, the graphics on the PS3 look great. It's probably the best I've seen from the Unreal Engine on a console. I'm gonna love that game more than any God of War I can tell.... Little Big Planet 2 is coming this month and I'm officially broke. I need to pay a LOT of stuff from my credit card which I have no idea how I'm gonna do so I'm most likely not gonna be able to get it on the first two or three weeks. After that I decided not to buy any more games until the 3DS comes out. I have about 40 games I haven't finished and I'll honor them. Besides, every good game in 2011 will come out almost by next Christmas, except LBP2, Mass Effect 2 (PS3) and Dissidia Duodecim... and of course. The 3DS games.

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