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Wave Race 64 Time Attack mode

I've been investigating for a while about how the pros have attemped the time attack records in WR64 over the years and to my surprise, most if not all the videos I've been watching are played in normal difficulty except for the tracks where that is not available (Twilight City is played on Hard and Glacier Coast on Expert). I thought all the tracks were played on expert but it seems I was mistaken.

After seeing all that, I started playing on Sunny Beach to attempt a good time. I used David Mariner and the best I got was 1.07.*** and my best lap time is 21.7**. I'm actually not that far from the world record on lap time (the record is 20.15) but the time for the entire race is 1.03.*** which means I'm four entire seconds away from it. That's simply insane. I'm gonna try to take my time to at least 1.05 over the next few days but it seems impossible because in the first lap the riders starts from a total stop so my logic tells me it's not possible to achieve sub-22 times on lap 1.

I didn't play Blue Storm today though I should have, that game is way harder than WR64. I'm even having a hard time finding my ideal rider. I didn kind of good with Ryota Hayami but Nigel and Serena also have great stats for my play style. The tracks in expert are extremely hard but really cool. I'm probably gonna have to play the game on hard a few times until I get totally used to it's gameplay before attempting an expert run. Of course I'd also love to try a couple of time attack records in that game.

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