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Dead or Alive Ultimate Fourth Run

I woke up this morning with an insane backache and could barely get out of my bed. For that reason, I stayed home the entire day watching the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League (Valencia 1 – 1 Shalke 04 and AC Milan 0 – 1 Tottenham) and playing several games. I’m trying to unlock the costumes in DOAU for the 4th time and it’s impressive how I lost all my skill in that game. I’m really thinking about unlocking everything using the survival mode way in which you get all the items which is shorter than just finishing story and time attack with every character several times. I’m gonna keep trying so I can get that out of my head and just enjoy the game with my friends when we get together.

                I continued Epic Yarn’s story and finished the Space Land. I just went through the levels getting everything I came across but didn’t really stop to look for any items or secret. I’ll leave that for the 100% run. I fought Meta Knight and while the battle was easy, it was pretty cool. A yarn Meta Knight uses several cloth swords to attack Kirby and you have to roll some of the shockwaves he shoots at you to deal damage. It was really good. I reached Dream Land which is the final level so that means that the game will be finished tomorrow and ready for the 100% run.

                Besides that I advanced a little in DKCR. Now I only have one stage to complete in every level except the first one and three of the hard-as-hell temple levels (Ruins, Caves and Forest). I tried finishing forest but it’s so annoying that I decided to just stop before I got frustrated for it. I’ll also stay home tomorrow Wednesday watching the other UCL matches and completing these games.

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