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DKCR 100% run is done!

My 100% run of Donkey Kong Country Returns is finally over. I’ve gotten all the puzzle pieces and finished the Golden Temple. It was hard but very rewarding and amazing. Now I unlocked a Mirror Mode in which you play the levels again in a mirrored version without Diddy and with only one heart. I kind of want to do it but that is going to take more time which I feel I don’t have when I look at my mountain of unfinished games which you can see in my “Gaming Projects” page. So I’m pretty sure that with this I finally put DKCR to rest and will focus my Wii usage to Epic Yarn which should only take about two days.

                I also unlocked all the costumes again in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate using the survival mode way as I mentioned before. It was much easier and faster this way though it was annoying. Now I have everything unlocked in that game and will focus on DOA3 which is much faster. What I need to do is unlock Ein and the secret costumes each character has. I’m doing this again because I want to have all the content ready for when I decide to play these games with my friends and I’m sure is going to happen a lot once Dead or Alive Dimensions comes out in March.

                I was going to write the review for Epic Yarn today but to be honest I don’t have the inspiration and writing a mediocre text is not what this game deserves so I’m going to leave that for tomorrow Friday. Now that I finished DKCR, Kirby and Enslaved I found myself with no story-driven games to play. There’s a lot of stuff on my currently-playing list like LBP2, F1 2010, DOA, etc but finishing my games leaves me with this feeling of “now what¿”. When I look at my shelves it makes me want to start a JRPG because I haven’t played one in a while. The last ones I finished were Final Fantasy XIII and X-2 many months ago and I kind of miss the genre so I’m between Star Ocean 4, FF: The 4 Heroes of Light and Eternal Sonata on the Xbox 360. I have to make the decision.

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