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Donkey Kong Country Returns 100% run progress

The past three days I've been working on finally completing DKCR. It's not easy but thank god I've got the guide with me because several puzzle pieces are a bitch to find. I've done TONS of levels but every time I check how many I have left there seems to be more and more appearing. The only level I've totally completed was the first one: Jungle. I'm one stage away from completing Caves, Beach and Volcano but the hardest ones so far are Forest and Cliff (I don't like this one much so I've been trying to complete it first and I'm failing miserably). 

I also finished a couple of temple levels which are extremely annoying; I'm doing them backwards so they become easier as I go. I finished Volcano and Factory and they were pretty tricky but once you memorize the patterns they're accessible but unforgiving. One minor mistake means dying and there are no checkpoints (and sometimes no Diddy). I really love this game; it’s truly one of the best in the Wii. I totally recommend it.

My progress in Kirby's Epic Yarn has been slow which is bad because I need to finish the story to write the review. I fought King Dedede and to be honest I was a little disappointed. After being used to the bad-ass version of King Dedede from Brawl, the boss fight with him in Epic Yarn was a bit lame. I got to the Space level where I'm supposed to fight Meta Knight. I hope this fight is better. 

I'm playing a bit of DOA Ultimate as well, I like to go back to those games every once in a while because it feels nostalgic and I don't like losing much of my abilities on them (which already happened, long ago). I finished story mode several times with Helena, Hayabusa, Leon and Ein. It's impressive that DOAU is an original Xbox game and it still looks VERY good on HD. 

Anyways, I'm going to try and make good progress on DKCR and Epic Yarn tomorrow so I have next week to focus on other games like LBP2, Uncharted 2 and something on the 360.

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