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FF: The 4 Heroes of Light progress & 3DS hype

I have been playing FF: 4HOL for the last days and the game is very good. As I mentioned before, the game is very hard at times and the first few hours are spent with the party separated and the plot like coming together very slowly, still, it’s a great JRPG for the DS. I like it much more than Dragon Quest IX which I unfortunately had to stop playing (but will go back to it eventually). I'm currently in a town named Arbor using a princess called Aire that got transformed into a cat and she's trying to save the main protagonist: Brandt. She just met a talking mouse in an underground dungeon and together will try to get a magical staff to help the boy. Pretty cool stuff.

In other great news, I preordered my copy of Dead or Alive Dimensions from Amazon. I'll have to pay 39.99 dollars for it which is the full retail price for the 3DS games. I'm used to buying my new consoles with two games so I'll have to decide on a second one, right now I'm between Madden and Pilotwings but want to see footage for Samurai Warriors to see what is it about.

I watched the trailers for Dimensions today again and literally can't contain my hype for it. I pay a lot of attention to the details in DOA games and forgot I saw Kokoro wearing her kimono from the DOA4 promos. I remember we all bitched about her not wearing her kimono on the Xbox 360 game and Itagaki said it was because she would seem confusing to use wearing that. Bullshit, thank god we'll now be able to use her with that.

I want to try and play it with new characters I didn't use much before, something like Tina and Eliot would be nice but I'm not sure. If the gameplay is like DOA4's then chances are I'll just go with Helena and Hayabusa again. I'm gonna do everything in my power to become as good in that game as possible.

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