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High School of the Dead

This post isn't related to gaming, but I feel the need to post about this here. I started watching an anime series called High School of the Dead. It has been recommended to me several times by some friends but I was very skeptical because of my never-ending hate for otakus. There are very few anime series that I like and this one looks like it's going to deserve a place in that small group.

It’s Saturday night and I ended up staying home and after playing some DKCR I went and watched the first three episodes of this series I bought yesterday in burned DVDs. It tells the story of a zombie apocalypse in the entire world creating chaos and death everywhere and there are a group of students in a high school in Japan trying to survive. So far, the three episodes I watched were really cool. There’s a lot of violence and blood (but not gore) and the series is filled with ecchi so all the girls are big-breasted and usually have the camera aiming at their panties.

The story and characters are really interesting, there’s a guy who seems normal and he’s trying to keep the girl he loves alive, there another chick who’s the typical arrogant genius who runs around with a fat dude who is a weapons maniac so he carries a nail gun to kill the zombies. There is, of course, a samurai girl who carries a sword around and a huge-breasted blonde nurse trying to survive the chaos as well. The series has a little of everything: action, drama, sex-appeal, a good plot and humor and so far it look really great. I’ll watch another couple episodes tomorrow Sunday while waiting for my friends who are going to watch the Super Bowl at my place.

I really hope the series doesn’t get ruined at the end like it normally happens with Japanese anime. It has happened a lot to me that I spend hours watching a series who started amazingly only to be totally disappointed at the end (Hello Gurren Lagann). I’ll just have to wait and see.

I also have another couple series that were given to me by one of my friends; they’re Queen’s Blade, which is a really famous ecchi anime with really hot chicks fighting each other with medieval weapons and stuff. I’m going to watch it eventually but I don’t expect it to be any good, I watched the first episode a few weeks ago and it was really bad plot and dialog-wise. The other one is Those Who Hunt Elves which I remember watching a lot when I was a teenager in a cable channel. I’m familiar with this one and already know that it’s a good series.

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  1. This is the only anime I've ever watched (I plan to keep it that way), and it's awesome. Good write up!