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I want to go back to Dead or Alive 4

I’m really feeling the need to get back into DOA4. I just love the game that much. I played it casually over the weekend and God, the game is still great six years after its release. The problem is that I don’t have a gold account for Xbox Live and buying a year is expensive, I was planning on getting God of War 3, ModNation Racers and Mario Kart Wii but I’m really not sure of what I should buy.

                I haven’t posted much these past three days because I haven’t done much gaming. That needs to change quickly and now that I’ll be on a little vacation I should take to opportunity to play and finish the games I already started. I’m going to grab Kirby’s Epic Yarn tomorrow and try my best to finish the game’s story so I can write the review either tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m also planning on 100% DKCR by the end of this week.

                Besides those two and LBP2, I want to start a new JRPG. I’m thinking about starting Golden Sun 1 on my GBA because my girlfriend is a huge fan of the series and she just finished the third one on a DS I lent to her. It sounds great but I also have Star Ocean 4, Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey on my PS3 and Xbox 360 so I’m not sure about what I should do. I really need to make my mind about what to play next because I just can’t decide.

                Today my girlfriend gave me an amazing drawing of Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. She’s my favorite character in the entire series and the drawing is incredibly good. There are a couple of pictures here. I need to find a way to show it in my room without damaging it. I’ll think of something. Seriously, the drawing is just great, I love it.

                And also, I started watching another anime series called Queen’s Blade which is… not that good but it’s really funny. It’s the typical ecchi series with girls fighting on a lame tournament over a lame prize. I don’t like it much but I already started it so I’ll watch at least one or two episodes each day so I can finish it

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