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Kirby's Epic Yarn is go!

I officially started Kirby's Epic Yarn and holy shit! What a game! It's simply beautiful in every way, from the visuals to the music and the charm of every single thing on the screen. I'm currently playing the 3rd level of Patch Land and got to a stage filled with cakes and sweets. I didn't actually play it but I'm totally sure my girlfriend (who is a cake lover) will fall in love with this game. The amount of detail is simply fantastic. I still see DKCR as a better game for the fact that it's more hardcore oriented but wow... Epic Yarn is excellent, definitely deserves a place in the top 5 games in the Wii.

I also raced Cataluña in F1 2010 and... Finished last. I'm having trouble getting used to the game, I know driving for a team like Lotus should not get me podium results but getting last in three of the five races in the current championship is definitely a horrible result. I can't explain how I got 3rd in Melbourne and 8th in China. 

The worst thing is that now it's Monaco's turn, the hardest track in the entire championship. I already practiced a little on it and I think I might get a good result if I keep practicing. I had to restart the session because I got a really unfair 5-place grid penalty for crashing in a corner and blocking the way to a bunch of Ferrari and Red Bull idiots. The game is quite retarded with the penalties sometimes. I decided to play it on Amateur difficulty, the easiest one so I can enjoy the game because on normal I'm not getting good results. (By the way, read my review of the game here in the blog).

I tried a time-attack run in DKCR on the stage 1-1 and damn those things are hard as hell. The target time for the gold medal is 57 seconds and the best I got was 57"22. You can only imagine how pissed I got at that. Still, it's great to have that mode in the game; it gives much more replay value to it.

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