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Kirby's Epic Yarn is over!

I finally finished Epic Yarn's story. I repeat: This game is BEAUTIFUL. The Dream Land level was probably the best in the entire game. The music was the Green Green and Gourmet Race themes from other Kirby games remixed and they sound great. The final battle with Yin Yarn was very good. I was really surprised. He revived two of the earlier bosses and when I defeated him, Kirby and Prince Fluff started dancing but the magician came back to life so I needed Meta Knight’s help to power-up Kirby and put him down for good.

                Even if you are a hardcore gamer who only likes challenging stuff, you should give this one a try. I’m not sure which one I prefer between DKCR and Epic Yarn but they are definitely in the top 5 of the Wii. I’ll write the review tomorrow in the most elaborate way I can. I don’t really think I’ll give many negative points to the game because there aren’t really any.

                Starting tomorrow I will go for the 100% completion of the game, I finished a lot of stages with bronze and silver medals and I missed some treasures and extra stages so I’ll be giving them a try. Speaking about 100% completions, I’m really close to doing it in DKCR, as for today, I’m only missing one stage in the Factory level and two temple stages from the Caves and Ruins leves. I should have that ready tomorrow so I can go to the Golden Temple which is the hardest and final level in the game.

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