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Little Big Planet 2 first impressions

Last night I played my LBP2 for the first time and so far everything has been very positive. The first thing the games makes you do is play a presentation level with a lot of objects moving around in the usual LBP way and you see a lot of pictures of the game's creators from Media Molecule. Then you're taken to your pod after watching the intro scene because now the game has an actual story. The pod in LBP2 is going to be exactly the same you used in LBP1 (in case you played it). You can use all the stickers, decorations and costumes you earned in the first game which is amazing. 

My collector's edition copy of the game came with several costumes and I tried some of them, my favorite one is the Daxter costume which looks great on a sackboy. I didn't want to start the story right away so I went and played a couple of the user-created levels, now there's an option to play Media Molecule's top picks so we are guaranteed to always have new kick-ass levels over there, I played two levels which required me to use the new grappling hook and the feature is great for LBP. 

The game looks like a much better version of the first one which incredibly was already a near-perfect game. I'll get a review of it online in a few weeks after I try everything the game offers, I just ordered the strategy guide from Amazon because I'm planning on creating a few levels in this one. I also ordered Star Ocean 2 for the PSP to complete my collection of that series which I really like (I only finished the PS2 one).

In other news, I watched three more episodes of High School of the Dead and the series is just getting better and better. It's keeping a perfect pace in the story-telling, character development, ecchi moments and violence. I'm really surprised but I suppose it's only natural that between all the gay anime from now days, at least one has to kick actual asses. I don't think I'm going to game much tomorrow because I have to work on a couple of essays for college but I'll find some time to play LBP2 and some Kirby.

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