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Little Big Planet 2 is finally here!

The Amazon package is here and earlier than I expected! I thought it was going to arrive next week but it got the offices here in Caracas yesterday. I picked it up today (after paying a lot for the shipping) and to my surprise, Amazon packed LBP2 and the four guides together.

The collector's edition of Little Big Planet 2 is MUCH better than I expected. It comes with a really cool stand to place your PS3 games (but I'm going to use it for all my games), a real Sackboy (something I always wanted) and of course, the game itself. All placed inside a really pretty box. I've been buying collector's editions of several games lately and so far, all the ones I've gotten have been pretty good. I have Oblivion, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Bioshock 2, Perfect Dark Zero and Metroid Prime Trilogy, all excellent games. I don't think I'm going to play LBP2 today because I just got home from a friend's house; we were playing Wave Race Blue Storm and Donkey Kong Country Returns and right now its 3:00am so I'm just going to sit in my laptop to browse the internet.

My guides are also here and wow, they're all very good. All four of them are from Prima and trust me, these guys do an excellent job at bringing us the info we need in our games. The Kirby one is small but very pretty and accessible which is logical given the fact the game is aimed at little children (but truly played by hardcore gamers). The DKCR and Other M guides come with really detailed info and maps and both include a really amazing poster. And the Metroid Prime Trilogy one is very good as well but it focuses like 60% of its contents on MP3: Corruption while it gives little info on MP1 and 2. Still, it's a great addition to my now-growing collection of videogame strategy guides.

In other news, yesterday I downloaded the soundtrack for Kirby's Epic Yarn and I'm totally in love, all the tracks are excellent and fit perfectly with that game, honestly I'm having trouble deciding which is better between Epic Yarn and DKCR, both games really catapulted the Wii's reputation for me. Anyway, there are some pictures of the guides and the LBP2 here so take a look at them and enjoy.

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