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Little Big Planet 2 love and DOA4 nostalgia

 After playing several user-created levels in Little Big Planet 2, I think this might be the best game this generation has given to us. The game is now allowing the players to create pretty much any kind of genre. The best two levels I’ve played so far are the Classic Zelda dungeon and another one where you explore an alien-invaded spaceship from a first-person perspective. I was totally surprised when I saw this and am still wondering how the hell they are doing these things.

                The first LBP was an amazing technical success but it limited users to create 2D platformers only. It was a great achievement already and I didn’t really think LBP2 would add so much content and possibilities to the creating tools. We are definitely being witnesses of a new era that goes way beyond HD graphics and online multiplayer. I ordered the guide and plan to take a good look at the creating tutorials over the weekend (there are a LOT of tutorials, I think they were 57) because I’m really planning on creating levels in this entry, thing I didn’t do with the first LBP.

                In other news, I finished watching High School of the Dead and it was great. It only has 12 episodes and obviously will continue in a second season. I totally recommend watching this series because everything in it is good: action, plot, humor, characters, etc. I might write a review for it without any scores but I don’t expect anything great since I don’t really watch much anime.

                Something I’ve been thinking about is adding a “Pros and Cons” section to my videogame reviews. I’d keep elaborating the texts like usual but adding the new section before the scores. Since the next review I’m going to write is Kirby’s Epic Yarn I’m going to try it with that game and see the results. I’d like to have some feedback on that, will probably ask on twitter.

                Also, yesterday I played a bit of Dead or Alive 4 which I think I haven’t mentioned it but is probably my favorite series of all time along with Halo, Zelda and Final Fantasy. I watched a video about some pro guys who were invited to Japan to try Dimensions and nostalgia hit me like the fist of an angry god, so I just went and had a few matches with the CPU on very hard difficulty and had a blast. I feel a very deep love for that series. My favorite characters in DOA4 are Helena and Ryu and I consider myself good with them.

So this adds to a dilemma I have: I want to buy a new game and right now I’m between ModNation Racers for the PS3 and Mario Kart Wii (just for the fun-with-friends factor) but now I’m thinking about spending that money on upgrading to gold on Xbox Live because when I look at my collection of games for the 360 I see many stuff I could be playing online and taking advantage of their features and I can’t because I’m not giving Microsoft my money. Since I am just a common costumer who doesn’t even live in the US I’ll just have to pay the money for the gold account and just enjoy it. 

To end this post I'm uploading a picture I took of my mothership Final Fantasy titles, enjoy:

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  1. Nice collection of Final Fantasy :), did you ever have any of the Nes or Snes versions?. Oh and have you tried the GB games? Btw, you should post a review on Final Fantasy 4: Heroes of Light!

  2. Hey man, yes I have FFIV on SNES (FFII). I'll see if I take a pic of all the spin-offs like Tactics and Crystal Chronicles as well.