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A new Ocarina of Time run

To celebrate Zelda's 25th anniversary I decided to play through Ocarina of Time again on the Gamecube disc that also contains Master Quest. A friend asked me which game I was going to play for the date and I didn't have anything planned but said "why not¿". I'm playing the normal version of the game to go through it faster so it doesn't interfere with my other games (which I really don't think will happen). 

I'm playing it on the Wii on my Sony Bravia TV so I turned the progressive scan on and the game looks very good. I went through the Deku Tree with no problems other than I forgot to choose L targeting as "hold". I played my entire life with the targeting in hold so I was a little confused at first. Then I went to Hyrule's Town Market and got the egg from Malon to wake Talon up and sneak to where Princess Zelda was. She told me about her prophecy and then Impa taught me Zelda's Lullaby. 

It's incredible how this game aged so well. Of course there are a lot of things showing their age like the graphics and some of the objects but seriously, when OoT is called one of the best games of all time, they're definitely not lying. If I finish the game in a week or less I'd also like to go through Majora's Mask which I got on the Virtual Console on Christmas, this is a great opportunity to play our Zelda games.

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