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I started Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

Last night I started Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light on the Nintendo DS. The game is good; it's extremely inspired in the first three FF titles in several ways. Example: the characters don't talk much, there's no narrative other than saying what needs to be said and the battle system is totally old-school. This means that it’s very hard. The usual grinding-and-attacking strategy that works wonderfully in most JRPGs nowdays doesn’t really work here because most bosses require some strict strategy to be beaten.

There's also several factors like the item storage, you're only allowed to store 15 items in each party member and while you do have a stock of items, and it’s only available in towns. The game uses a job system in which you equip hats to the characters; each one represents a job like Black Mage, Warrior, etc. You can equip gems on them to increase their abilities and each one has their limitations depending on what they're supposed to do. 

The game is pretty, specially the music and the usual formula with world map, towns and dungeons works well. I recommend it though I didn't expect it to be this hard. I read some reviews before buying it and most of them said the game takes several hours to take off and it's true. I've spent about 6 hours with the four party members separated while the story introduction takes place. I suppose they will join forces soon and the real game will begin.

I feel ashamed to make another excuse but since it was Friday night I got invited to a friend’s house to try Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and didn't write the review for Epic Yarn. I'll do my best to do it either tomorrow or Sunday. The new fighting game is good, very fast and with tons of things happening at the same time between light flashes that to be honest, left my eyes very tired after a couple hours playing and watching it. The characters I like so far are Felicia, Zero and Deadpool but I suppose this can change. Though the game is good I don't think I'll buy it because it doesn't go with my style. I'm more used to systems like the ones in DOA and Virtua Fighter.

And to finish this entry, my guide for Little Big Planet 2 just arrived today along with Star Ocean 2 for the PSP (this completes my SO collection; I was missing the second game in the series). The guide is very long and while looking at the pages I noticed it covers everything the player needs to complete the game and create good levels. So tomorrow I plan to advance a little in FF and will probably get together again for MvC3 at my friend's place.

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