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Pokemon Black pre-order!

As I probably mentioned before, there is a game store near where I live and all the employees there are close friends of mine. I was visiting them today trying to sell some of my old games (managed to sell the PS3 version of Tomb Raider Underworld to some random dude) and they mentioned they are taking preorders for Pokémon Black & White so I immediately decided to get one. I had to decide which version to get at the moment and I wasn't sure so I just went for Black because I already have Soul Silver and I want a darker Pokémon box on my shelve (pretty retarded reason to chose Black over White I know). The game will be available this Sunday over here and for preordering it I'm getting a Pokémon stylus. Cool stuff.

Another thing I'd like to mention is that I've been messing around with my Darkstalkers games (The PSP one and a couple pirated versions of Darkstalkers 3 for PSone and Vampire Chronicles for the Dreamcast) and I like them a lot. Too bad I never played these games while I was a teenager. I'd have been very good at them I'm sure. I'll try to play them a little to at least know what the character abilities are. 

I also went and did the entire Montreal event in F1 2010. Managed the best time in practice, won the pole position and ended 5th in the actual race. I could have won it but accidentally crashed into Hamilton and had to go to the pits twice because of it. Now it's Valencia's turn. The track looks much harder than Istanbul and Montreal but I think I can manage it. 

It's also worth mentioning my recent two purchases from Amazon. I saw a good price for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the PS3 (50$) and its guide (10$) so I just went and ordered them. They should be here next week. I actually think that it's good for me to get this because Amazon e-mailed telling me my pre-order for Dead or Alive Dimensions was delayed to May 31th which stinks and has me very confused because some sites still say the game is a launch title for the 3DS. Anyway, MvC3 should be enough to have something cool and fresh to play with my friends.

Lastly, I was looking at some pretty nice Queen's Blade figurines and found one that I really liked a lot. It's Menace, one of the characters I like the most from the series. The figure is really expensive (132$) so I moved on to look at other ones until I found this one. After thinking a lot about it I just said "What the hell" and ordered it. I reorganized everything in my room last week and this figure will look really nice on my shelves. The only annoying part will be explaining who she is to everyone who comes but oh well...

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