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Queen's Blade impressions

I've been watching this anime series called Queen's Blade for the last five days (one episode per day) and though the series' beginning was pretty lame, the following episodes got much better. It's an ecchi-fantasy series about a girl from a royal family named Reina who decides to leave her castle to travel the world while she participates in a tournament to decide the most powerful and beautiful woman to be the queen of the kingdom. 

The series takes the ecchi stuff very seriously to the point that so far, I haven't seen any male characters (other than a shadowy figure of the protagonist father) and all the girls are big breasted and wear little to no-clothes. But unlike another series I had the misfortune of watching about 4 years ago called Ikkitoussen, QB seems to actually have a plot. All the characters so far have an interesting back-story which makes the series a bit interesting even if you don't care about the chicks and the fights so far have been pretty cool. They are nothing like Dragon Ball but they've been entertaining.

Also, it has humor here and there. Reina's sister is a lesbian princess who keeps chasing her around making awkward moments between the two. There's also an Egyptian girl called Menace who carries a talking staff around that is the spirit of a perverted cat who always says funny stuff about the girls. But I've only seen five episodes of it and I think it has 24 so I'll just take my time to watch it and will keep posting my opinions on it.

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