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Some pictures of my videogame collection

I'm sharing some pictures I just took of several of my games. I ordered them by series. This is only a really small part of my collection.

These are my Halo games, as you can see I have collector's edition of Halo 2, 3 and Reach. 

My Xenosaga trilogy. I only played the first 2 which were very good. They are hard to find nowdays.

 These are my Legend of Zelda games, I also have a gold copy of Zelda 1 and Link to the Past but I didn't include them in the picture because I didn't want to open the boxes where they are. My favorite Zelda game is Majora's Mask but I feel a deep love for Ocarina and LttP as well.

My Pokémon games collection. I used to own a Red version but sold it many years ago (horrible mistake). Colosseum and XD were included recently and I haven't even played them. Still, it feels great to own them.

My Soul Calibur titles. I don't like SC as much as I like DOA but I still respect the series. They're all pretty good. My favorite characters are Maxi, Ivy, Seong Mina and Yun Seong.

These ones are my babies. My Ninja Gaiden titles. I love them all with a passion (except the DS one)

I actually don't like Kingdom Hearts very much but I bought the PSP one to give it a second opportunity. I played the first one many years ago and hated it.

I fell in love with this series in this generation, after playing Forza 3 I tried the second and first ones and they're a blast. DEFINITELY much better than any Gran Turismo game. Trust me.

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  1. Can you sell to me those complete set of "XENOSAGA" games you have..I'm from Malaysia..mine is broken..need to replace.... :)

  2. Sorry but I'm not selling them. I recommend getting them off eBay or you should have no problems there.