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Tales of Graces coming to America!

This was probably the best news of the week for me. Graces f (The PS3 version of the game) is coming to America this year. Another game to get for the PS3 in 2011. Makes me really happy to know I'll be able to enjoy a localized version of another Tales game.

I've been a great fan of the series since I first played Symphonia on the Gamecube a few years ago and always get pissed off at Namco for not bringing many of the titles to our continent. Example Tales of Rebirth which is considered to be one of the best titles in the series, never made it out of Japan. Fortunately the story will be different with Graces, I never thought they'd actually do it since the game has been out in Japan for two years if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, this is great news.

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