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Wave Race 64 will now rest

I've been playing Wave Race 64 for a month now, it is one of my favorite racing games of all time and I love it very much but I now feel that I must put my attention on F1 2010 and Blue Storm. F1 because I really want to enjoy it and get into the F1 fanatics, besides, I paid a lot of money for that game. WRBS, because as I mentioned before, I never actually played it during the last gaming generation. So I want to get used to it even if it's 10 years too late.

I will also take some time to get Enslaved platinum trophy because to be honest I'm not desperate to do it and as far as completing games go, I'm going to do DKCR, Other M and Epic Yarn first because I'm getting guides for them most likely by the end of this week. I feel like I'm losing interest in Pokémon Platinum, the new games in the series are coming in march so I think it's probably better to just wait for those and play them, but that would leave my DS with no current use. This is seriously bad.

I feel like Nintendo is slapping my face again and again because for the last weeks I literally can't stay away from my Wii while my 360 is collecting dust. To be honest I don't want to play anything on the 360 right now even if I have cool titles that I haven't even started for it, like Fallout 3, Lost Odyssey and Bioshock 2. I know I'll eventually start playing them. I seriously want to have at least one game I'm playing on each of the five consoles but that feels forced. I've always been a guy of playing two games at the same time at most. With WRBS, F1 2010 and Uncharted 2 I have more than enough right now. Besides I have DKCR on hold while the guide gets here.

I managed to finish DKC2 on the virtual console, I found an easy way to farm lives in the first stage so I just kept doing that until I got past all the levels and defeated K.Rool. I won't get 100% on that game but it feels great to know that I finally own a legitimate copy of it, even if it’s only a digital.

I want to start a new game with a story to finish (that means, not racing or sports). I already finished Enslaved and won't be getting the platinum yet and while I do have a lot of unfinished games in my room I think the best option right now is Kirby's Epic Yarn because it's an easy and really fun game. The only problem I see is that it's another Wii game which means my 360, DS and PSP are going to be collecting dust for a while. But also forcing me to use them just because won't be any fun so I'll just trust that I'll eventually get to them.

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