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F1 2010 update & Megaman 4 gameplay videos

Today was very productive in terms of gaming. I got to play the entire Valencia event in F1 2010 with excellent results. I won both the pole and the race itself easily; I even got a good eight seconds of advantage from Vettel who ended up second. Now it's Silverstone's turn. I'll practice a lot at the track tomorrow. 

My F1 fever got me to play a bit of Gran Turismo 5 and I managed to do some cool tuning to a Peugeot 207 and won several races with it. I got to A-spec level 10 and unlocked a lot of new interesting modes with it like new NASCAR and Karting races and something I always wanted to try since E3 2009: Gran Turismo Rally. The game is good but it definitely has a lot of issues, especially in the menus which still make me prefer Forza and the Codemasters titles.

I also went and played several community levels in LBP2 and I don't think I'll ever get tired of saying this: This game is AWESOME. I searched for words like "Zelda", "Mario" and "Uncharted" and found a lot of kick-ass levels to play. I even spent some time looking at a couple of tutorials and they're excellent, both easy to understand and fun to watch. Everyone out there with a PS3, BUY THIS GAME, You won't regret it.

The Ocarina of Time run is also going pretty well, I finished the Fire Temple with no problems (I died once due to a stupid fall) and now I'm thinking about going for the Biggoron Sword but I'm not sure. What I'm sure about is that I want to finish it quickly so I can start Majora's Mask on the Virtual Console.

FF: 4HOL is also going very well. I managed to defeat the boss in Arbor, I got stuck for a couple days in this dungeon and was already pretty annoyed by it but just when I thought the party would finally get together, the protagonist fell off a floating city and is now alone AGAIN. I was very frustrated so I saved the game and went and asked in the gamespot forums about it and some dude told me I still have a few events to do before the party reunites.

 Now, this is important and I totally forgot to mention about it before. I recorded some videos of myself playing Megaman 4. I did the eight bosses and plan to record the Cossack and Wily levels later this week. Though I don't own a capture card (yet) I think they're pretty cool. You can watch them from my YouTube channel here. This also reminds me that I want to start filling that channel with gameplay videos of pretty much anything. I'll start this weekend with some Dead or Alive 4 fights between a good Leon player I know and myself. 

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