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I don't know if I mentioned this before but I suffer from severe insomnia and normally I'm still awake at 4-5am. Right now it's 6:00am and I'm not sleepy at all but anyway, I spent part of the night thinking about articles to post here to avoid having the entire blog filled with just post about what I did (which is cool but I don't want the entire site to have just that).

Fortunately, gaming is something so vast that you have literally infinite subjects to talk about, and after 20+ years of gaming I have a lot to post. I'm going to start working on opinion articles about mostly gaming, but I'd like to try and write about anime as well. I'm not really an anime watcher but I admit that though I don't sympathize much with otakus, I like watching the series. So since we gamers kind of share the same geeky world with otakus I think it could be a good idea. Of course, anime would only take about 10% of the content of the site and I don't expect those articles to be very good at first because as I mentioned, I don't watch much anime.

In terms of gaming I'd like to share my opinions about the ever famous Zelda timeline which says that every game in the series is connected in some way and some of them are sequels to others. You can find excellent discussions about this in Zelda Universe which I sometimes visit (though I never post there). Also, I will write an article expressing my opinions about Final Fantasy X-2 which is sometimes called the black sheep of the series and I totally disagree. I think X-2 is the most underrated gem in all FF and would like to say why. 

I will also post some reviews of games I played in the last year like Halo Reach, Bayonetta, Muramasa and others, because even though some of those are from 2009 and early-2010 I totally think they would make excellent content for the site. 

I'm even thinking about starting to share some of my favorite gaming music in the form of YouTube videos. What I would do is just use Window's Movie Maker to upload the songs along some images from the game it comes from. Pretty simple but I'm sure it would do the job perfectly.

So, if you come across this blog and like the content, be sure to check the Blog Projects tab (which you can also find in the upper part of the site between the title and the banner) and visit regularly so you can read everything posted in here. This blog was just created 2 months ago and I have a lot of plans for it. If you have any feedback or recommendation, leave a comment or contact me on Twitter (@Mike_Nieto).

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