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Halo Reach's review, MvC3 and DOA Dimensions impressions.

Tonight I started writing Halo Reach's review. While I know the game came out several months ago, I wanted to write a review for it. It's halfway done and it's going to be up tomorrow. I will be covering every aspect I can think of: graphics, sound, gameplay, multiplayer, firefight, etc. 

I'd also like to share more opinions on Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I've noticed that even though the game has a great cast of around 30+ characters, a lot of them have the same command list. It usually does not go beyond "Hadouken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki". There are exceptions of course. So, while surfing around I looked at some of the character's video and text guides over there (which are amazing by the way) and decided to look for the characters that offer the most moves and require better inputs to create good and effective combos. I was very lucky because Felicia turned out to be one of the best rush down characters in the game but her move list require some skill in the inputs, I like that because I don't want to win by just using the common "L, M, H, S" combo plus the three moves I already mentioned. 

Another character the guide claims to have a big and effective command list is Dante, from the Devil May Cry series (which I never played sadly). I was already a bit curious to play as him and after watching some combo videos I'm really interested in what he offers. I'm pretty sure Morrigan is going to be on my main team because I usually do very well with her, I like her balance between good combos, fireballs, specials and assists. She's definitely one of the best characters in the game. Amaterasu is also another character that looks very interesting because she can switch to any of her three weapons; each one has different range, moves and properties, giving her many possible gameplay styles. The letdown is that she doesn't seem to have much HP.

From the Marvel side, the only character I really like a lot is Deadpool. He seems to be more of a range fighter than a rush down, which could be good if for example, I decide to play him along Felicia and Dante. His specials and assists are very good and he even has a cool counter-attack. I also played as Spidey, Wolverine, Sentinel and Captain America and while they're all great, none of them give me the satisfaction Deadpool gives me. (Though I admit that Wolverine and Sentinel are tempting me).

My objective in the game would be to create one main team to learn and get used to the system. Just like I did with Helena and Hayabusa in DOA, Litchi in Blazblue or Akira in Virtua Fighter. So I have to try everything I can until I create my final team. Fortunately, the game has a lot of great options to choose from and will give me tons of hours of fun before starting to play Dimensions.

Now, talking about DOAD, today I watched some gameplay for Alpha-152 and Genra for the first time and to be quite honest, I'm a bit scared about what I saw. In the Genra video specially, he spends the entire trailer shooting fireballs and shockwaves at Ayane. DOA has never had fireballs in its gameplay and this could break the game. Most of the characters have range hits but they all require them to move towards the opponent, giving him/her to opportunity to block, counter-attack or sidestep. If Genra has the possibility to stay turtling while shooting fireballs it could be really harmful to the rest of the cast, especially the slow fighters like Bass and Lisa.

Alpha-152 seems to be the same broken character she was in DOA4, with huge fast and strong combos, extremely powerful holds, grabs and teleports. I'm scared about this game's online system turning to a riot of players spamming cheap moves with Alpha and Genra. Now, the positive thing is that according to one of the pros who went to Tokyo to try the game, these two characters do NOT have defensive holds (counter-attacks) which could limit their possibilities a lot while playing defensively against a fast character like for example, Christie and Jann Lee and giving the normal and slow character a much better chance to win as well.

Tengu seems the same as always and while he's ugly as hell, there's never been anything wrong with him gameplay-wise so I'm cool about Tengu; he's more than welcome to the game. But taking out the Alpha-152 and Genra stuff, the game looks incredible and I literally can't wait. I already gave my savings to a cousin who is going to travel to the States to bring me my black 3DS and once the game comes out I'll start going around the local stores until I see it somewhere. 

That brings me to the final thing in the post. Since I'm most likely getting the system at least a month before Dimensions comes out, I need to buy a game to try out the "3D without glasses thing", I'm a bit tempted about Street Fighter 4 but I've never liked that series and a fighting game would only be wasted money once DOAD comes out. There's a Samurai Warriors game coming out at launch which could be a good option since I've never played that series and could be good if the 3D effects are cool. I'm also thinking about Pilotwings but it could turn out to be extremely boring and I don't want that. So, if you read this I'd like some comments either here or in my Twitter account (@Mike_Nieto) with recommendations about what to get as my first 3DS game.

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