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BOME figurines

As you all know, I love to collect figures of pretty much everything. gaming, Spawn, Star Wars, anime and even cars like the Hot Wheels and Burago ones. Some of the figures I like the most are the Monsieur Bome Collection ones who come from a Japanese sculptor who always creates figures of anime-styled girls. 

Since he made three different versions of Kasumi from Dead or Alive I bought them all over the years, they're not expensive fortunately. I also own another one of a "bunny girl" the sculptor made from a friend's drawing. As far as I know, this girls does not come from any specific series. I've also been interested in his KOS-MOS for some time but I've never been able to find it but anyway, last night I decided to open one of the Kasumis and the bunny girl to show them in my room. I opened the blister in a way so the figures can be sealed again. Here are some pictures I took of them:

This first one is simply spectacular, the level of detail on it (specially the eyes) are just beautiful. It's definitely one of the best anime figures I've seen out there.

And here's Kasumi. As you can see, she's wearing her usual black ninja-outfit from the DOA games with uncovered shoulders like the white one she also wears. A weird thing about this figure is that the hair looks like it has dust on it but I can't remove it so it's probably something with this specific figure, You can only notice it if you really focus on it so it's not a problem.


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