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I started Pokemon Black!

I finally started my Pokémon Black Version. So far it feels like more of the same, I choose Snivy as my starter but didn't like it much so I had to restart the game to choose Tepig, the fire-type I wanted from the beginning. The game is cool. Now you have two rivals who choose the other starters and the new Pokémon seem cool for the most part. I also got a bird Pokémon which I decided to use along Tepig. 

I have to remember to go somewhere with free wifi because my DS does not support my router's security setting and I'm definitely not going to change it. I need to do this to get a Legendary Pokémon called Victini which Nintendo is giving for free until April 10th. Seriously need to remember that. 

I also decided to start playing my copy of ModNation Racers and found that it has seven huge updates to download. What a pain. I'm downloading them right now while the internet is fast where I live (which is extremely rare). I'm pretty excited about this game. Also, I'm extremely hooked up to F1 2010. I finally got offers from better teams, Toro Rosso and BMW are offering me contracts and I'm pretty sure I'm going to race for BMW for my second year in the game. I truly recommend it.

Also, I bought a Deadpool figure recently which is very cool. I need to take some pictures of it to show it here. I'm going to do that tomorrow. My Menace also got here along MvsC3 and the figure is extremely beautiful, much better than I expected. I already took some photos of it and will upload them together with Deadpool's.

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