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I'm driving for McLaren!

I FINALLY finished the season I've been playing since Christmas in F1 2010. I ended up second in the driver's championship and 4th in the constructor's one. Excellent results for a Lotus driver. I was a little scared in the last two races (Brazil and Abu Dhabi) because even though I got offers from Toro Rosso and BMW Sauber I never accepted them because I actually wanted to drive for Williams.

While practicing in Brazil I noticed that Toro Rosso's and BMW's offers were not there anymore and I was scared because I thought I was gonna have to drive for a second time for Lotus. And worse yet, as the second driver behind Jarno Trulli. So, after a great 2nd place in Sao Paulo and a win in Yan Marina I noticed that Mc Laren offered me a great 10million dollar deal as the second driver in the team behind Jenson Button. I immediately accepted and with that, my second season starts. I'm finally getting a good car in this game to be able to play in manual sequential and a higher difficulty.

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