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Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Last night and today I got together with a couple of friends to play MvC3 on Xbox 360. While I keep thinking the game is not what I'm looking for in a fighter I have to admit that it's incredibly good. At first I thought it was going to be something like SSF4 but thank god I was wrong. 

My PS3 copy of the game should be arriving this Monday or Tuesday and I really can't wait to practice with my team of Felicia, Morrigan and Deadpool. I also want to try Hsien-Ko but she seems more complicated and I'll leave her for later. 

I haven't played any Ocarina or Final Fantasy in the last days but I'll update as soon as I resume my runs of those games. Also I got a message from my local gaming store saying the release date for Pokemon Black was delayed till Wednesday. This is actually good news because I was going to force more stuff on my credit card and that wasn't the plan, with this I'll have a better chance to avoid using the credit card with it.

 Also, this is 2011's post number 100! It's great to know things in the blog are slowly starting to build up, I know I have a few readers out there and I wanna take the chance to thank you all for your support, specially the Twitter guys. 

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