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Menace and Deadpool

The Menace figurine I bought got here a few days ago, I took some pictures of it but didn't post them in the blog for some reason. I also found about a store selling the Deadpool I mentioned here a couple weeks ago and bought it. Both figures are excellent and are currently shown in my room along some others I've been collecting over the years (since I was a little kid). Look at the pics:

This is Menace from the anime series "Queen's Blade", an ecchi fantasy anime about really hot (and some disgusting) girls fighting each other a-la Saint Seiya. The figure features her in a bikini. Even though it doesn't come from any well-known name like BOME, it has an incredible amount of detail and captures the essence of the characters in the series in an excellent way, as you can see, she's incredibly beautiful.

This one is Deadpool, a rather obscure Marvel anti-hero that I've seen becoming more and more famous because of internet memes. He's usually called the "merc with a mouth" because he's really crazy and never shuts up. His comics are some of the best Marvel has to offer. In this figure, he's shown standing with some of his weapons, a couple katanas in his back and both his pistols. He also comes packed with a couple daggers. Just like most Marvel figurines, the details on it are very good, especially from this series. He comes with a base to show him around. Excellent figure.

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  1. Menace is my favorite you can watch and comment on the tribute I made for Menace on my Youtubechannel:)

    heres the link