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ModNation Racers impressions

This post is most likely going to sound like a huge "Hello and welcome to last week" but the truth is that I never played ModNation Racers in the past until today. I'm totally surprised by the things this amazing racing game offers. If you're like me, then you've probably heard the usual description of "a racing version of Little Big Planet" and it's basically that. You can edit pretty much any aspect of your character, kart and track to crate whatever you want and share it with the online community. 

At first, I wanted to take the game seriously and created a few skins for characters with racing suits like the ones people use in Rally and F1 (And I actually made some amazing suits) but then I went to take a look at the most famous characters online and wow... everything on it is just outstanding. From Mario and Link to Spiderman and Deadpool. Pretty much anything you like is gonna be up there by now. The best characters I saw are a Gundam, Spawn, Link and Felicia. 

You can also download and share karts and tracks you create. I'm currently using a Ferrari F50 skin somebody made and it’s beautiful. I checked some of the tracks available and raced in a cute version of Monte Carlo and a famous drifting track from the Initial D anime. 

Trust me on this. Forget completely about Mario Kart. If you still haven't tried this game and like fun and fast-paced racing titles then this is for you. It really is a racing version of Little Big Planet but that's precisely what makes it so freaking awesome.

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