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My first 3DS titles

As I've mentioned before, I'm most likely getting my 3DS in about 2 weeks. It should be here by April 7th or 8th but the games I'm truly interested about are DOA Dimensions and the Ocarina of Time remake which won't be available until May and June respectively. So, to avoid having the system for almost 2 months with no games (which won't happen no matter what) I'm going to buy at least two games from the launch line up. After considering all the options I'm actually interested in Samurai Warriors, Madden, Pilot Wings and Street Fighter 4.

Samurai Warriors looks pretty, but the previous games in that series don't have good reviews and to be honest they just seem like soulless hack n' slash games where you just smash buttons to kills random hordes of enemies. But since I want to simply try what the hell the 3D thing in the system is about, it might be a cool title to get.

Madden could be great if the game takes full advantage of the 3D effects. If not then I'll forget it because I already have Madden 11 for my American Football fever. SF4 seems to have excellent 3D effects and plays mostly like the console versions according to some reviews already available in the web. It could be good. The negative things are that it's a fighting game from a series I don't like much and I would simply stop playing it forever the moment I get my hands on Dimensions.

The last one, Pilot Wings is the only first-party title which looks interesting to me. Since it is made by Nintendo I can easily assume it will have great 3D effects but... it's a Pilot Wings game and they're not for everyone. As a handheld game it could end up being an extremely boring title to me so I'm not really sure.

Surprisingly for me, the one "winning" right now is Samurai Warriors because it could at least be a lot of fun to just destroy infinite hordes of enemies on it. During these two or so weeks I'm going to have to make a lot of research on these and other titles in the launch line up to see if anything is worth my money while waiting for dimensions.

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