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Nintendo Wii's successor on the way¿

Now that the PS3 and Xbox 360 have Move and Kinect, The Wii has serious competition in its career for being the owners of the motion sensor market. If we add to the formula the fact that the poor console is the weakest of the three and that the 3DS and PSP2 will probably be more powerful, I’m sure the time has come for Nintendo to announce the Wii’s successor.

I’m 100% sure the company has been working on this new console since at least mid-2010 and they will announce it at this year’s E3. Now, If Nintendo does everything right, they should release it in mid-2012 and finally forget about the casual crap and become the kick-ass company we all loved so much in the SNES and N64 era. Now, what does a “Wii 2” need¿ this is a list of the things I think Nintendo should take into serious consideration for its next home console.

-          -Keep the motion sensor while adapting it to hardcore titles from its first part franchises.

-          -The console needs to have DVD and Bluray support.

-          -An online system where people create an account and have similarities to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

-          -Forget the Miis forever.

-          -Support more third party companies to develop in the console.

-          -Have HD and 3D capabilities.

-          -Backwards compatibility with Gamecube and Wii titles

-          -Keep the Virtual Console and add new famous titles to it constantly, specially from the N64 and Dreamcast

-          -Have an HDD with a lot of capacity.

I think that if Nintendo does all that, they could have a really serious contender to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360 and they could even force the other two companies to keep working on new material. Seriously, because of the Wii, Nintendo is missing the opportunity to have many of the most successful games of the generation in its console (games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Final Fantasy XIII and Bioshock are not on the Wii because of the console’s weak potential).

That’s why I seriously think Nintendo is going to make a huge move in this year’s E3 and I really hope so because the company is giving a lot of signs of wanting to come back to the way it was.

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  1. No te apoyo en que se olviden de los Miis, para algunos es tedioso pero para su público meta es una maravilla y algo muy gracioso de hacer.

    El HDD de alta capacidad es un aditivo necesario si se lleva a cabo lo demás :P

    Migueliiiiiiiito ! Jajajajajaja !