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Pokémon Black Progress

In these past days two days I've been really hooked into Pokémon Black. As I said before, the game is basically the same thing we've all been playing since the 90s. It does have a lot of cool new features like the C-Gear which lets you communicate with your friends easily using Nintendo WFC.

A good thing about these new games is that they force you to use Pokémon exclusively from the 5th gen. Unlike in the GBA and first DS games where you could go and catch creatures like Zubat, Pidgey and Rattata everywhere in the game. Black/White will not allow you to trade and catch Pokémon from the first 4 generations at least until you beat the Elite 4 as far as I'm concerned. 

I'm currently just before challenging the 3rd Gym Leader who uses bug-types. My current team is the following:

- Pignite: The first evolution of the fire-type starter Tepig, he's VERY good and just like Blaziken and Infernape, when he evolves, he becomes a Fight-type. He's an excellent Pokémon so far.

- Tranquill: This is the first evolution of the bird Pidove, who takes Pidgey's place in the game. You could say Tranquill is Pokémon Black's Pidgeotto. He's good but hasn't learnt very good moves yet. To be honest, Pidgeotto was better in SoulSilver.

- Sawk: An amazing Fight-type I caught before the second gym. He doesn't have any evolutions and I feel that he's something like Hitmonlee. Most of the moves he learns by himself are fight-type but his attack stat is so high that sometimes it feels like the rest of the team is useless.

- Swadloon: A very cool mix between Bug and Grass-type. Her final evolution has a lot of moves like the ones Scyther and Scizor use and has a good attack stat. I've always been a fan of Bug-type Pokémon so I wanted to have a good bug in the team. She's currently not very good compared to the rest but once she evolves she's going to kick a lot of ass.

- Victini: This one seems like a new version of Mew. He's a mix between Fire and Psychic-type and has both great attack and special-attack stats. Even though he's a legendary, I don't care and will use it. The only way to get him so far is by downloading a mystery gift from the Nintendo WFC to access an island where you can catch him. He can be a pain, took me about 12 Great Balls until he finally joined me.

So, I have an empty slot which I want filled by a water-type but I haven't seen any I want to train. Changing subjects, I didn't play any ModNation yesterday because I went to visit some friends for some MvsC3. I'm going to get back on it today. But the most important thing is that I haven't posted any of the articles I promised last week and just want to say I haven't given up on it. I will write a lot of articles starting tomorrow. 

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