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Dissidia 012 progress and thoughts

Something funny and unexpected has happened to me because I got a 3DS. The only game I have for it is SSF4 and the day I bought it, I also got Dissidia 012 for the PSP given the huge Final Fantasy follower that I am. Well, even though I like SSF4 3D a lot and I'm really surprised and excited about what the 3DS is capable of, the truth is that the game that hooked me and got my entire attention was Dissidia 012.

As I mentioned several times in my review for the game, the story is awful, but the battle system and the fanservice factor is so freaking amazing that I'm literally addicted to it. So I'm using this game while I wait for Dead or Alive Dimensions. 

I already finished the stories for every new character (Lightning and the others) and once you do, you get the option to play the stories for every hero from the first Dissidia, which I never played for some reason (I actually only finished the Warrior of Light's story). So far, I've done Terra and Bartz and currently playing Cloud's. I got extremely lucky because besides Yuna, Bartz and Terra resulted in excellent characters. I like Terra because she's a mage and her gameplay mechanics focus on casting spells from a distance. While Bartz is a mime, so he has some of the best techniques from every character, including Cloud's Buster Sword, Terra's spells and Yuna's summons. The combination is totally kick-ass and I'm 100% sure that so far, Terra, Bartz and Yuna are my favorite characters in the game.

Cloud is pretty good as well, I just unlocked and equipped the skill "Meteor Rain" on him which allows him to attack from a distance, and his melee attacks are incredibly good. He is faster than I expected at first and that's great because this game needs the fighters to move and attack very fast. His story is pretty bad just like everyone else's but the FFVII overworld remix that plays while he runs around the world map is excellent so I'm at least enjoying that.

I also found a way to level up the characters faster in Quick Battle mode which will help me a lot when leveling up some of the villains I'm interested in using, like Garland. What I do is play in party using a high-leveled character I have (like Terra, Laguna, Bartz or Yuna) and fill the rest of the party with low leveled characters. This way when the stronger fighter kills his/her opponent, the EXP will be shared meaning that the weak members of the party will get EXP as if they fought a strong opponent. This results in them leveling up very fast which is great and saves me a LOT of time.

So, the truth is that my 3DS is currently sitting in my room and I'm not using it because of Dissidia 012 (and Muramasa). But there's nothing wrong with it because I'm enjoying the game a whole lot and it is reminding me of my love for the Final Fantasy series, which is something I sometimes forget. I truly recommend this game.

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