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FF: 4 Heroes of Light review delayed

My upcoming reviews are for Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, for the DS, and Muramasa for the Wii. In the case of the first game, I haven't finished the story and I don't want to write the review until I do. I think I'm partially close to the game's end but I just haven't picked it up in these days because Muramasa and Dissidia 012 were taking up all my time. I'm going to pick it up again this week and see if I can finish it by next week, the game is very good, better than I expected but the jobs are a little weird and it takes a lot of hours to take off but the truth is that it's good.

For Muramasa, I finished Momohime's story last night, I enjoyed it a whole lot. The game is truly magnificent, especially the 2D backgrounds featuring beautifil japanese scenarios. Now I have to start Kisuke's story which I suppose it is going to be as long as Momohime's. If it is, the game will be finished by the weekend and the review should be up by either Saturday or Sunday.

Other than that, I can say that I'm extremely hooked into Dissidia 012, more than I imagined. When I got my 3DS, I thought I was gonna spend more time on SSF4 3D than on Dissidia but it was the entire opposite. While the 3DS is a really impressive machine and has a lot of potential, mine is currently just sitting inside my closet because all I'm playing right now is Dissidia 012 and Muramasa.

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