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Final Fantasy V, XI and XIV thoughts

As I've mentioned several times in the blog, I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy. It is one of my favorite series in the world, and lately I've felt all the love again because of Dissidia 012 which is a game created only as a tribute to the series. One of the games on it that I pretty much don't remember is FFV, the one featuring Bartz, Gilgamesh and Exdeath. I own it for the GBA and would seriously like to replay it but the huge mountain of unfinished games I have always keeps myself away from it.

FFV was the game that introduced the famous job system many of the later titles in the series had, like X-2 and XI. I remember it being funny at times and while the story is not as deep as VI or VII, it was great. If I ever replay that game again, I'm sure I will enjoy it as if it were the SNES era. 

I also unlocked Shantoto and Prishe in Dissidia 012, they're both characters from FFXI, the MMO, which is usually considered a bad game among MMORPG lovers and (at least where I live) pretty much nobody played it. Almost all the FF fans I know say stuff like "I'm a fan of the series but I never played XI". To me, XI was a great game, I played it for about two years and though I admit that WoW gives it some pretty serious competition, FFXI has a lot of charm, especially if you're a fan of the series and have friends to play it with, which I fortunately had since day 1. 

I've always wanted to go back to FFXI but in my country, there's some retarded limitation to the amount of dollars we can spend on our credit cards so paying the monthly fee for the game is a bit of a pain in the ass and would leave me without the the option of getting a lot of figures and games from Amazon (website I always use for my online shopping). But now that I think about it, FFXIV is out, and though the results on the PC version haven't been good, I trust Square-Enix can fix the game, make a good job again and release a true online FF experience for next-gen gaming. 

So, since I plan to build a gaming PC in the near future anyway, I might as well wait for FFXIV to be 100% released, instead of blindly going back to XI which would probably be bad if people start to migrate from one game to another.

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