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Madden 11, Mass Effect and God of War II impressions

I was very lucky last week finding Madden 11 used for the PS3. I sold my Xbox 360 copy of Madden 10 and found the 2011's edition for nearly the same price so I took the opportunity. The game is amazing. I played some matches in exhibition mode with my current favorite team: San Diego Chargers and had a blast. They added an amazing new gameplay style in which the game simply chooses the best play for you and you take care of moving either your defenders or passing the ball to advance yards. It makes things much simpler to everyone, especially people like me who are not die-hard fans of the sport and don’t like to scroll through so many plays before starting the actual action.

I’ve got to say that for some reason, the game looks better to me than FIFA 11, I don’t know but I see better textures in the NFL players than the FIFA ones, but the character’s animations in FIFA are better for obvious reasons (it’s a much more dynamic sport). The commentaries are good though I could notice some repeated lines in just a few games, oh well. I’m going to start playing a season soon to get more used to the new system and try to at least learn to play Madden which I’ve always wanted to do (since I was a kid).

The most important things about my gaming weekend were that I finally started Mass Effect. I decided to play less of the other games to dedicate some time to it. It’s very good, the combat has some annoying stuff like having to pause every time I use a biotic (I’m playing an adept) but so far it’s great, especially the environments and narrative. I arrived to the Mass Effect party like 4 years later but at least I got there.

And the other game I started was God of War II in my GOW Collection copy for the PS3. To be totally and 100% honest, I don’t like it very much. I’m more used to fast-paced action adventure games like Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta and since this is a PS2 game remastered in HD. I can clearly see the difference with more modern titles. I started the game in hard mode but I kept losing in almost every fight (I’m not very good at it I admit) so I switched to easy mode because the game recommended it to me. I’d have preferred to play on normal but that’d have meant starting the game over again and I’m already advanced in the story.  I’m just going to finish it as quickly as possible so have at least experienced the storyline before God of War III which is already waiting in my room.

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