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I finished God of War II

In the last two days I've been having trouble sleeping, as usual, so instead of just lying in bed doing nothing, I played a lot of God of War II with the intention of finishing it as soon as possible. Yesterday morning, the game ended and while the story is really cool, I didn't like many of the other features in the game.

My biggest complain in God of War II is the double jump, it looks very unnatural and doesn't really fit well when you look at how Kratos normally moves, the double jump should just have been a single big jump (like in Halo) if they really wanted to make Kratos jump around. It feels useless because you almost never do any platforming anyway. But well, maybe it is just me.

The fights are very cool and the enemies are varied which is extremely important in a game like this. The bosses are great though I must admit that I still can't get Clotho out of my head, disgusting old witch. I enjoyed killing her a lot. I'm really happy to have finally played this game.

My current plans are to just keep going in Mass Effect (which is getting better and better) and probably start Muramasa which I want to finish before God of War III. Both Muramasa and GOW3 will get reviews here so, stay tuned to read them.

Finally, I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick my 3DS up today. My cousin arrived from the states yesterday and I already talked to her about picking it up today, I need to call her again. I still have no games for it but after the disappointment Samurai Warriors and Madden turned out to be, the only real options for now are Super Street Fighter 4 and Ridge Racer. Unfortunately, I only have money for one so I'm 80% sure I'll end up with SSF4 which I'm most likely going to buy tomorrow afternoon.

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